Altistart 48

Soft starters for heavy duty industry & pump from 4 to 900 kW

Soft start-soft stop units for 3-phase asynchronous motors from 4 to 900 kW.


230... 415 V / 208... 690 V - 50/60 Hz

  • Starting and stopping of the machine by the Altistart 48 torque control system (TCS patent: Torque Control System)
  • Thermal protection of the motor
  • Protection of the machine: underload and overload with adjustable threshold and times, locked rotor, rotation direction control
  • Factory set for immediate start-up
  • Simplified customisation of settings using built-in display or the PowerSuite software
  • Through connection
  • Control of starter bypass contactor to prevent heat dissipation
  • Dual configuration (2 motors)
  • Numerous configurable inputs/outputs
  • Cascaded starting and deceleration of a number of motors
  • Modbus Integrated, FIPIO, PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, Ethernet


Taming energy
Altistart 48 offers you the benefits of its patented Torque Control System (TCS). Ready for immediate start-up, with simplified wiring and extended communication functions, it can be integrated at the heart of your applications in complete simplicity.


  • Pumps
  • Fans and high inertia machines
  • Compressors
  • Conveyors

Model and Description:

ATS48D17Q 7.5KW,17A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48D22Q 11KW,22A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48D32Q 15KW,32A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48D38Q 18.5KW,38A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48D47Q 22KW,47A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48D62Q 30KW,62A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48D75Q 37KW,75A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48D88Q 45KW,88A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48C11Q 55KW,110A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48C14Q 75KW,140A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48C17Q 90KW,170A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48C21Q 110KW,210A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48C25Q 132KW,250A,415V,3φSupply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48C32Q 160KW,320A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48C41Q 220KW,410A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48C48Q 250KW,480A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48C59Q 315KW,590A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48C66Q 355KW,660A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48C79Q 400KW,790A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48M10Q 500KW,1000A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz
ATS48M12Q 630KW,1200A,415V,3φ,Supply frequency 50/60Hz

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