Modicon Momentum

Modicon Momentum

Modicon Momentum

Controller and IP20 monoblock I/Os for distributed control architecture

Control and distributed I/O system with 4 fundamental components that easily snap together in various combinations to form versatile control systems or sub-systems.


Flexible distributed I/O and control
Momentum is a flexible, modular family of fundamental components that easily snap together and can be configured for a wide range of distributed I/O and control applications


  • Industry: material handling, simple machine control.
  • Infrastructures and energy: RTU, building automation.

Product Model and Description:

170INT11000 Interbus  communications adapter
170ADM85010 Discrete I/O module - 16 I; 10-60 V DC; 16 O relay
170ANR12091 Distributed analog/discrete I/O 
171CCC96030 M1/M!E processore adaptor